Our Services

No individual is quite the same. We provide flexibility to serve you today and grow with you tomorrow.


Total financial management.

Our preferred way of working with our clients and where we can have the most positive impact in their lives is when we engage in our Integrated total financial management relationship. This comprehensive ongoing financial planning and investment management relationship allows us to analyze the total picture of your financial life, your resources, your habits and your relationship with money. We define the future you hope to achieve and draft a plan to redirect your finances to support and accelerate the achievement of what you want in life. By having complete visibility and responsibility for the execution of your plan, we can see instantly when something is off track, bring it to your attention and take action to correct it.

And when decisions arise big or small, we already know the full picture allowing us to provide you with rapid and complete advice on next steps forward. Our goal to provide a sense of relief because you know, we share accountability in ensuring you stay on track, and we’re always looking out for you even when you have other distractions called life. We’re on it.


Financial planning OR investment management.

We recognize sometimes you only need help with a portion of your financial life so we offer flexible services so we can determine together what fits you TODAY while giving you the room to grow and change in the future. You can engage in either of our Elements service – either Financial Planning only if your main assets are illiquid, tied up in your business or held in your employer retirement plan – OR our Investment Management only service where we manage only specific investment accounts on a discretionary basis so you can be sure your money is working as hard as you do.

Initial Financial Plan

If you just need an overall assessment of where you stand today and guidance on the best path forward, you may select our Initial Financial Plan service. Clients without assets to invest, large illiquid holdings like real estate or business ownership, or whose primary asset is an employer retirement plans may opt for this service so they can benefit from coordinated advice on assets held elsewhere. We’ll compile, analyze and create a detailed plan of action that you can take to implement on your own or decide to have us implement and monitor for you.

Financial Plan Implementation

Once your plan is in hand, if you decide you need some help putting your plan into motion and keeping you on track, our Implementation service can help. With continuous monitoring and updates to items such as your employer retirement plan allocations, tax planning, employer benefit elections and financial coordination, we ensure no step is missed or important deadline passed without action. We keep you on track.

Investment Management Only

Feel your financial life is on track but lack the time or expertise to manage your investments? Old employer retirement plans to consolidate and manage, want your savings to work harder or just want to know what options you have? Our Investment Management Only service can help. We can consolidate your accounts under a single umbrella to make viewing and managing accounts a breeze and ensure that all of your investments are working together toward reaching your goals while minimizing taxes and risk where possible.


Financial advice when you need it.

Sometimes, things come up unexpectedly. A surprise tax bill, passing of a relative, selecting employer benefits or other issue and you just need a little help figuring out the right steps to take. You need a Lifeline and we can help. Lifeline is project-base limited time service designed to give those with specific questions requiring a quick answer with access to expert support and knowledge WITHOUT assets to invest or committing to a full financial plan that you may not need or be ready for.

Because we applaud that you are trying to pick the right course of action and avoid costly mistakes, we want to help! We conduct a narrow review of 1-2 questions and provide specific recommendations on how to address your specific issue in a way that provides the best possible outcome for you. Saving you money without sacrificing the quality advice you need.

Most question examples include:
  • Should I be added as joint on my parent’s accounts?
  • What’s the best way to transfer money to our kids?
  • Should I pull money from my IRA for the down payment on a home?
  • Which benefits should I select from my employer?
  • Roth or Traditional IRA or 401(k)?
  • Lease or buy?
  • How do I improve my credit?
  • How should I invest in for my employer retirement plan? - 401(k), 403(b), 457
  • What’s the best way to start investing?