Balancing cost control with
growth to maximize your profitability.

As a business owner, I understand maximum profitability comes from a combination of increasing income and reducing your expenses. For this reason, we work to reduce the expense and complexity in your financial life to earn the fees we charge. Whether it’s reducing your taxes, improving your investment returns, avoiding costly missteps, or just simplifying your life, our goal is to save and make clients more than we cost them.

Flexible billing.

Because every client is different, we also provide flexibility in how our fees are structured and collected. Whether electronic payment from a checking account or credit card or direct debited from investment accounts, financial planning and investments bill separately or consolidated under a single simple fee, you select the billing structure that works best for you.

Consolidated Billing

For clients that prefer a single fee for both financial planning and investment management, fees can be automatically deducted from accounts under management. A portion of your total fee covers financial planning, and a portion covers the investment management. No additional credit cards or other transactions needed. You get an invoice before each debit then the fee is pulled directly from the respective account(s).

Separate Billing Per Service

For clients that prefer to pay separately tend to prefer to write off a portion of their financial planning fees on their taxes, prefer the transparency of seeing the fee for each service, or prefer to pay the planning fee with their credit card so they can use or accumulate points, we provide separate billing per service. Financial planning fees can be paid via check, credit card, or electronic debit on a monthly or quarterly basis while investment management fees paid directly from the accounts under management.

Subscription / Hourly

Lifeline projects are priced based on complexity of the issue and time estimated to resolve. Due to the limited time and scope of these engagements, pricing is based on a subscription model allowing you to pay for the just the hours you need with a credit card, check or electronic debit from your checking or savings account. When your questions are resolved, so is your billing.

“Sometimes our greatest value comes in what we SAVE clients - Time, Money, and Heartache.”