Our Investment Management Process.
Technology enabled. Human powered.

Sound investment management requires an in-depth knowledge of investments balanced with real-life best practices.

DIY or Delegate?

Investing requires a commitment of time and attention that can drain focus from other areas of your life. Delegating that task to a trusted professional can ensure your money is working as hard as you do without compromising other areas of your life. With the full and active life you lead, the better question is not ‘Can you manage on your own?’ but ‘Why would you want to?’

Discretionary Management

As navigators and protectors of your wealth, our advisors have obtained the credentials necessary to direct the day-to-day investment decisions on your behalf through discretionary management. Providing the highest level of timeliness and agility, Ignite’s discretionary advisors actively manage our custom and proprietary portfolios allowing us to act quickly and efficiently to both seize opportunities and avoid risks on behalf of our clients.

Investment Management

Our certified advisors utilize a disciplined seven step investment management process to minimize your exposure to risk while maximizing the long-term value of your capital.

The Starting Point - Strategic Allocation

All professionally managed accounts begin with a Strategic Allocation that is built to address your specific long-term needs for liquidity, income, growth, and risk mitigation. Strategic allocations are designed to change only when life events, goal timing or other significant changes in your overall risk tolerance occurs. While short-term tactical changes are made to address short-term market or personal developments, strategic allocation changes are not designed to be made in response to market events or to deploy ‘market timing’ which historically has shown to be counter to reaching client goals.

Investment Research & Portfolio Modeling

For all accounts personally managed by our advisors, we utilize a ‘Best in Class’ approach for selecting specific investments. To pass screening, an investment must have a documented history of success vs. its peers in a variety of market environments. Based on our screening results, we create a list of options with weightings appropriate for each risk model. This can include the introduction of temporary measures such as gold and other alternative asset classes that have been shown to provide stability during times of high volatility.

When evaluating investments, performance is not the only factor we consider. Utilizing a combination of Modern Portfolio Theory statistics and forward-looking Active Management measures, multiple iterations of a portfolio are measured until the optimum balance of performance, risk containment, upside capture and downside mitigation specific to the target goals for that portfolio are achieved.

Tactical Portfolio Updates

As active managers, we monitor portfolios daily, but to control taxes, we restrict trading to times when performance, allocation or other variances necessitate a need for change.

Standards are:
  1. Portfolios rebalanced at least annually
  2. Trade rationales will be provided as needed to outline reasoning behind changes to the portfolio
  3. Asset allocations and investment lineup are revisited when one of the following criteria occurs
    • Allocation varies from a defined range (usually 10%)
    • Fundamental research indicates the need to increase/decrease a specific sector
    • Client objectives or circumstances change
    • A specific security underperforms its category benchmark for three consecutive quarters
    • A security's rating is lowered or an otherwise significant change takes place within the security’s management that is anticipated to negatively impact performance in the future
Online Portfolio & Goal Monitoring

Portfolios aren’t static and neither are your goals. To help you track both in relation to each other, every investment management client is provided with access to online goal tracking so you can see exactly how your portfolio engine is working to get you where you want to go. In up markets and down, we help you keep it all in perspective with instant visibility into where you stand in the big picture.

Performance Benchmarking

When evaluating the performance of a portfolio, we compare each portfolio to a comparable composition of benchmark indexes. We do not compare a balanced portfolio against a pure equity index (S&P or DOW) or pure fixed income index as these have completely different performance and risk characteristics. Your custom strategy includes a comprehensive portfolio performance analysis, risk evaluation, and ongoing measurement against your most important benchmark – YOUR GOALS.