Providing the
How to your Why.

Every plan has its roots in a very personal place –
your Why. And behind every Why is a story.

Freeing you to live
your life to the fullest.

Without a deeply personal commitment, no numbers on a page will ever be translated into action. We take time to understand the roots of your Why so we can define actions you can realistically commit to.

We keep our process simple.

Let's talk about you - Discover.

From our very first meeting we set out to discover as much as we can about you. Who and what are most important to you? What worries you? What do you hope to achieve or avoid? What do you want to build, preserve or protect? By thinking beyond your assets, we help you define your Why. As we get to know you, we fill in the details of your story. We’re experts at collecting information. We’ll even help you locate information you may be unsure or unable to gather on your own. We understand you lead a busy life. So whether it’s in our office, via the web or on the phone, we can connect and share information when and how it’s convenient for YOU.

We'll discuss:
  • Who & What are important to you
  • How you define success
  • Your vision for your future
  • Current savings, budget & taxes
  • Your assets, liabilities, employer, military & government benefits
  • What you have accomplished so far
  • Goals, timelines & potential obstacles

We do the heavy lifting - Analyze.

Once we have all the details, we dig in. We capture where you stand today, what would happen if you faced the risks you fear and those not yet considered. We celebrate the steps already taken and uncover resources yet untapped. We research, compile, and stress-test strategies, until we define ALL options that meet your needs. We listen to what the numbers have to tell us, but we don’t stop there. We synch our recommendations against human experience and our knowledge of you. Because it doesn’t matter how compelling the numbers, you won’t take action that doesn’t FEEL right. We fine tune the steps and timing to those we know will work for you.

See your story come to life — Create.

No phase of crafting your masterpiece should be uncomfortable, especially reviewing your results. Because we learn you, we share your story tailored to how you best absorb information. Are you a detail person that revels in the numbers, charts, facts and figures? We got that. Prefer the high-level summary of what needs done and why? We got that too. Your plan is designed to give you exactly what you need to connect actions to your Why so you’re relieved, encouraged and motivated to act.

If you’ve engaged us for our implementation service as well, we move onto the next phase of putting your plan into move. When you’re ready to get moving, we carry the bulk of the work to implement your plan. But even the few items that fall to you aren’t overwhelming. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions, reminders where needed and walk you through every step, in person or online. You’re not alone, we’re with you every step of the way.

Edit your story — Evolve.

Our discovery never ends. As our relationship continues, we’re constantly updating your plan. Each pay increase, job change, marriage, birth, or other life event, we’re on it. Your plan continues to evolve as your masterpiece takes shape, never static, dated or out of touch. If your Why changes, so does your plan. Want to see exactly how far you’ve come? We track all that you’ve accomplished along the way because we believe everyone should celebrate their successes no matter how big or small. And we’re your biggest fan.

Let's write your story together