A straight forward approach to
helping you direct your financial life.

We balance information and advice, realism and purpose, to ensure you make decisions that are right for you. Providing the how to your why, we translate advice into action so you can pursue your passions with confidence and peace of mind. Because at the end of the day money matters, but only in the context of what it means to YOU.

Ignite Financial - The Origin of Our Name.

Most change is triggered by a significant development, a flash moment in our lives that causes us to recognize a need for change, pushes us to do things differently. Our name, Ignite Financial, pays tribute to that moment in life and embraces the power of that exact instant to fuel forward progress. The first domino that makes the others move.

We view the six financial elements of your life like kindling and a match. Alone they exist but don’t create a force powerful enough to spark change. Brought together they create fire a natural force that has the power to change trajectory, change lives. By conducting all of your financial elements to work together, our goal is to ignite your progress, propelling you toward the future you desire more quickly and intensely than any single element of your financial life can do alone. Helping you achieve your own masterpiece – a life well lived.

We do this by following
our own Four Tenets.


Be the spark for positive growth, change, and progress.


Inspire others to think outside the box of what is possible and look beyond their constraints.


Engage others in taking active steps to simplify, align and improve their lives for greater enjoyment and fulfillment.


Help others connect their daily decisions and actions with what truly matters to them to sustain their positive progress.

Get to know
our team.

More than just a team of CFP® Professionals, we’re daughters, wives, and mothers. We’ve experienced divorce, career transition, terminal illness and losing those we love. We approach your story with compassion derived from experience and the sharp intellect and serious know-how of professionals focused on results. Our satisfaction comes from relieving the workload that helps other mothers, fathers, husbands and wives lead better lives. Helping people is not just Our Approach, it’s who we are.

Julie Betoni, CFP®, APMA®, MBA

President and CEO

Finding my own fire.

Following a successful 14-year career in technology, I made the transition to finance in search of a better balance of life and where I had the freedom to help people according to my own compass, not a corporate balance sheet.

As an advisor for Smith Barney, Raymond James, a franchise of Ameriprise, and finally my own firm, I have had the privilege of guiding clients through some of the most personal decisions and trying times in their lives. I have held hands as loved ones are grieved, helped family members face the reality of a terminal diagnosis and prepare for a future loss. I have tackled the difficult discussions - how to handle a child’s addiction, whether to take that next job which fills a need but means leaving family behind, and what to do next in life when a marriage, that was once the focus of your life, ends. Helping others through difficult times, celebrating their wins, and playing an important role in the achievement of so many of major moments in their lives – I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling or rewarding.

I am passionate about supporting others in their efforts to transform their lives.

Throughout my career I have stood as a champion, a voice, and an advocate for others. Not afraid to speak out, to stand up and to get things done. I have held leadership positions for women’s organizations including Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS), Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance, the Executive Women’s Council and Executive Women International. I have served and sought to help heal the abused and neglected children of our community as a volunteer, mentor, committee chair, and board of trustee member for Florida’s largest child agency, Daniel. In 2020, I worked closely with three other exceptional women to launch a network dedicated to coaching and supporting other women called RiseN.O.W. (Network Of Women). In addition, I hold a leadership and mentoring position within a team of 100 advisors nationwide where I help other advisors learn to embrace our focus on helping clients improve their lives NOT just their portfolios.

My passion for helping the ‘underdog’ also extends to my love of animals. We have grown to a house filled with eight formerly-feral cats and three rescue dogs and still actively rescue, foster, rehabilitate, transport and fundraise for three local rescues benefitting my beloved German Shepherds.

When we aren’t spending time with our animals, my husband and I enjoy traveling, outdoor and adrenaline provoking activities like ziplining, scuba diving, and ATVs, building things around the house and spending time with my late teen step-children as often as they can take a break from their hectic social lives.

Now that you've read my story, I'd love to hear yours!

Carmen Betoni

Operational Strategist & Technology Consultant — Dash 2, LLC

In military aviation, your ‘Dash 2’ is your primary wingman, the aircraft who has your back before anyone else. A good Dash 2 can provide the kind of strategic support that makes you successful, even when you’re under heavy fire. As a former Naval aviator, Carmen understands just how important that role can be, so he formed Dash 2, a consulting firm that provides critical guidance and operational support to help small businesses run lean and deliver big.

With over 20 years of experience evaluating, recommending, and implementing corporate strategy, technology and operational improvements for corporations large and small, he can recommend targeted changes to improve your bottom line and maximize your impact.

As a strategic partner for Ignite, Carmen provides support for technology selection and implementation, operational compliance, data and financial analysis, and corporate and staff development.

Carmen earned his B.A. from Villanova University and served 10 years on active duty with the U.S. Navy. Carmen understands the value of Dash 2 and puts that focus and determination into delivering results for his clients, helping them reach farther and faster than they ever thought possible.

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